..You can think you way into or out of almost any circumstance, Good or Bad.


You can think you way into or out of almost any circumstance, Good or Bad.

No action takes place unless it is preceded by thought. If you‘re unhappy with the circumstances in which you find yourself, you can improve your situation through the power of thought, just as surely as you can destroy a positive life with negative thinking. Success begins with an honest analysis of your present condition, acceptance of responsibility for your own life, and the development of a workable plan to achieve what you desire.

Napoleon Hill states: "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." Belief supreme! If you can "see" it, you can "be" it. Our subconscious mind cannot distinguish between an actual event and a vividly imagined experience. This simple truth can lead to overall improved performance if we use visualization to our advantage. It can be as simple as daydreaming with added focus and clarity. Here are some beginning steps that you can try when practicing the art of visualization:

  1. Give yourself a "time out" and relax in whatever position suits you. Stay mentally alert, and begin to focus your attention on being free from concerns and worries.
  2. Begin to see in your mind’s eye something positive that you want to achieve and build a "storyboard" frame by frame as vividly as you can imagine wherein you see yourself achieving this goal.
  3. Use your senses to add enthusiasm and energy to your mental movie. See, hear, taste, smell, and touch your goal by adding illustrative images. As in coloring a picture, you can "color" in all the glorious Technicolor images of your success event.
  4. Practice over and over again by concentrating on the one image that you want to "develop." Do not rob yourself of achieving this goal by diluting your mental imagery. Focusing on one achievement is the key.
  5. Conclude the movie of your mind by staying in the moment and telling yourself that this is true for you now. You are the champion of your visualization. It IS true for you.
  6. Come back to your wakeful state and remind yourself to practice several times daily to further your goal –  conceive it, believe it, and achieve it!

When you internalize your goal, and mentally see yourself achieving it, you will begin to structure the mental imagery with the external practices that aid you in walking your talk. Results follow when actions are taken. You first ignite the cause and then follow through with the intended result or effect. It is a cause/effect world, and by putting the thought into motion, you will sooner than later reap the result.


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