My platonic LOVE

At the firs time I saw you I felt somehting here in my heart, You are the sunshine of my life.. right now I  am trying to grow up in different areas in my life and let to go one relationship it was so diffcult and painful.. and I had been so sad, very sad and crying but when one of my close friends toldme you had ben looking to me… here in my chest I had a beatiful feeling and I smile. I would like to tell you  I LOVE YOU, ADMIRED YOU AND  I LIKE YOUR EYES.. but you don´t know I am in love with you at the same time you are my strenght, my power to be better and let it go bad situation.
Thank you for been there, for send me on HELLO and your lips said my name (only like your friend, it´s doesn´t matter becouse right now I need your friendship and then I won´t fel a lone)..  can I tell you something?… I LOVE YOU SO MUCH….. THANK you for been my friend it all this years.

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Una respuesta a My platonic LOVE

  1. Myly dijo:

    :oI\’m glad to read this! I hope you ll\’be fine! and you and your "platonic love" still be friends as all this years as you said.God bless you!SincerelyMe!


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